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Our story 



The Boathouse and it's staff believe in the importance of taking care of our planet. It provides us with food and water and a place to play! To do our part to take care of Mother Earth, we have made improvements on many fronts to make it a better place, specifically our little corner! We use primarily sustainable food products that are organic in nature and locally sourced when possible. Making 98 % of our products from scratch! We use Colorado raised Redbird chicken that is hormone and steroid free, Colorado free range bison that is hormone and steroid free, Colorado raised grass-fed Aspen ridge burgers, hormone and steroid free, Organic produce as well as local Colorado produce. We use the most sustainable fisheries in the world that are MSC certified from Portico and Seattle Fish CO., who is partnered with the Monterey Bay Aquarium's seafood watch program. We use eco-friendly products that are 100% post-consumer recyclable. No straws, Styrofoam, or single use plastics! No only do we strive to do our part in taking care of this planer, we also happily give back to our local community through our charitable donations and volunteer work, primarily with the Salida School systems, Guidstone, GARNA, Central Colorado Conservancy and our partnership with Salida Mountain Trails. 

We also believe in taking care of ourselves! Remember, we eat here too!  That's why you will see things like pink Himalayan sea salt and organic ketchup on your tables, and why we are always looking for better products! 



Proud owners Ray and Penny Kitson have lived in Salida for over 30 years. They have owned many businesses over the years but Boathouse is their pride and joy! 

Everyone that works at Boathouse becomes family !

We strive for perfection daily when it comes to food and service. We love our restaurant and we love our town! 

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